We are a Digital Media Centre based in Sheffield City Centre. We provide facilities and tools for a wide range of creative applications including 3D Printing and Design, music production, film editing, photography, hardware prototyping and programming. We work with an expanding number of partners to deliver sessions for people wanting to develop skills using our facilities.



We offer 3D print and design services here at WaveLab. Whether you have a model you wish to realise, or a concept you want to develop, we are able to help. We print using a modified Makerbot Replicator 2 Desktop 3D Printer utilizing PLA filament. We prefer to use PLA as it's non-toxic, food safe renewable, biodegradable and the fumes don't make us sick! It is derived from plants such as corn or sugarcane.

WaveLab is fully equipped to meet the demands of most projects. Equipment includes:

7 Workstations with Adobe Master Suite, Ableton Live and Max 5
Makerbot Replicator 2 desktop 3D printer
Arduino prototyping hardware
Raspberry Pi computers
Digital SLR Camera

For inquiries regarding our equipment, Contact us!


WaveLab is available to hire for events, workshops, meetings and other activities. The space can be hired on it's own or can include use of equipment.

Standard Prices:


Full day with equipment and tech support


Full day space only


Half day with equipment and tech support


Half day day space only


Hourly rate with with equipment and tech support


Hourly rate space only



An evening of experimental electron music hosted at Wavelab featuring German veteran Asmus Tietchens.


An event in Sheffield Wavelab took part in.


More event stuff.


A musical interactive robot commissioned for Festival of the Mind, made at WaveLab.

Muibot is an interactive musical sculpture incorporating robotic elements to create musical tones. When observers touched glass bowls filled with water that were supported by the sculpture, a robotic arm would strike a guitar string creating a tone. The sculpture consists of 5 arms protruding from a base, with each arm housing a string, bowl and robotic arm. The shape of the sculpture meant it was impossible to be played by one person alone, so people had to collaborate with each other in order to make melodies. The sculpture was commissioned for Festival of the Mind's Sheffield Bazaar exhibition and was displayed at Castle House in Sheffield for the duration of the festival alongside work from 19 other artists. Muibot was created by Dan Butlin and Mike Simmonds at WaveLab.

The sculpture utilises integrated electronics with an Arduino microprocessor concealed inside each arm of the robot. The glass bowls were subject to a low current of electricity which enabled capacitive sensitivity similar to a touch screen on a phone. When a participant touched the glass , the capacitance of the bowl was interfered with which was detected by the Arduino. The Arduino would then send a pulse of electricity to LED's concealed in the bowl to light up the water and a pulse of electricity to the robotic arm which would strike the string. Each string was fitted with a guitar pick-up which sent a signal to a mixer concealed in the base of the sculpture, which then sent the combined signal to an amp and speakers.


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